Series Description

Lord Shiva has always been one of my inspiration. His moods, roop, bhava & mudra are wide topics to look on when it comes to studying Shiva as a God or as an individual. I have hence depicted my visions about him and his moods in following paintings.

The Mudras
Medium : soft pastels on tinted paper.

The lion is quiet but not dead. Lord shiva.
Medium : Acrylics and knives on canvas.

It has ended into silence after the tandav
Medium : Acrylics and knives on canvas

Shiva shakti
Medium : Acrylics on canvas

Silenve after Tandava
Medium : Acrylics on canvas

Medium : soft pastels and pencils on grey canson

Medium : Watercolours on tinted paper

Naadh shiva
Medium : Inks and watercolour on tinted paper.